Chris Moran

Lead Pastor

Chris is the lead pastoral elder of Eternal City. His responsibilities include preaching, leading the church's vision for ministry, training leaders, counseling, leading a weekly small group and graphic design.

Chris was born and raised by Christian parents in Plum, PA. He attended the Penn Hills Alliance church throughout his childhood but began to move away from God as he approached his teens. Chris became immersed in the drug and party culture for several years. He was caught selling drugs in 1997 and spent two weeks in a juvenile detention center. It was during this time that God the Father began to slowly draw Chris to Jesus. Over the next two years Chris received Jesus through faith in the gospel and was born again.


Chris immersed himself in biblical study and by 2002 he was teaching the bible multiple times a week. He became a pastoral elder at the Penn Hills Alliance church in 2009. At that time, he started to sense a nudge from God to prepare to plant a new church. In 2013, Chris and Eddie Jones gathered a small core group of friends and started to gather weekly in homes and coffee shops for bible study and prayer. In July 2014, Eternal City Church was launched as a house church and the Sunday morning gatherings were held in the Moran living room. By September 2015, Eternal City had outgrown the living room and began gathering at Covenant Fellowship Reformed Church in Wilkinsburg, PA. They are continuing to follow Jesus and seeking to advance His Kingdom and grow His church! 

Chris is married to his high school sweetheart, Meghan. They have three children: Adalyna, Kaitlynn, and Israel; and two fur babies, Yukon and Luna. Chris enjoys reading, studying theology, music, graphic design and urban ministry.

Eddie Jones

Pastoral Elder

Eddie Jones was born in the small town of Monessen, PA. He moved to Pittsburgh at the age of 5.  Raised in Pittsburgh’s Southside, he is the second oldest in a family of 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Although not raised in the church, a strong belief in God was always instilled, though “not according to knowledge”.


After struggling with insecurity most of his life, he began to pray and seek God for answers. God graciously answered Eddie's prayer through his friend’s sharing of the gospel. Eddie surrendered his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 23. In 1997, Eddie felt a call to ministry after much prayer and confirmation. The call was further confirmed in 2003 when he met Chris Moran. The two shared a similar vision which led to an enduring friendship and eventual partnership in launching Eternal City Church in 2014.


Eddie has a love for apologetics, music, reading, mentoring, and spending time with family and friends. He works in the medical field and hopes to one day serve in full time ministry.

Vincent Geramita


Vincent Geramita was born and raised in the Pittsburgh Area. He was self-educated through elementary and high school and currently studies biblical counseling at Eternity Bible College. He has worked in the home improvement trade for eight years and enjoys to read, build and explore

creation. It was at the age of thirteen that God used a pastor’s sermon illustration to open Vincent’s eyes to his own sinful state and his desperate need he had to be made righteous in the sight of God through Jesus. From that point on the Lord has been faithful to teach and grow Vincent in biblical knowledge and understanding. 

Vincent has been blessed to combine his love for outdoor adventure, his passion for teaching and one on one discipleship in many different wilderness ministry contexts.