The Bible lays out the qualifications for church leadership very clearly, as they are the stewards of the Word and shepherds of God's flock: men who are above reproach, the husband of one wife, humble, sober-minded, hospitable, self-controlled, able to teach, upright, holy, and disciplined in their lifestyle, generous, and holding firm to the true Word of God. At ECC, we are blessed to have a group of such men to preach and teach, shepherd and lead.


Eugene Featchurs


Eugene Featchurs is a Christian, husband, and business entrepreneur. He enjoys using his talents and gifts to serve the people of Eternal City and his neighbors, friends, and family. Eugene is married to Jacqueline Featchurs. Together, they manage real estate properties while decorating, designing, and furnishing them for their clients.

Eugene oversees Eternal City's set-up, tear-down, and first impressions ministries for the church. If you visit Eternal City, Eugene is one of the first smiling, friendly people you'll meet.