The Bible lays out the qualifications for church leadership very clearly, as they are the stewards of the Word and shepherds of God's flock: men who are above reproach, the husband of one wife, humble, sober-minded, hospitable, self-controlled, able to teach, upright, holy, and disciplined in their lifestyle, generous, and holding firm to the true Word of God. At ECC, we are blessed to have a group of such men to preach and teach, shepherd and lead.


Vincent Geramita


Vincent Geramita was born and raised in the Pittsburgh Area. He was self-educated through elementary and high school and currently studies biblical counseling at Eternity Bible College. He has worked in the home improvement trade for eight years and enjoys to read, build and explore

creation. It was at the age of thirteen that God used a pastor’s sermon illustration to open Vincent’s eyes to his own sinful state and his desperate need he had to be made righteous in the sight of God through Jesus. From that point on the Lord has been faithful to teach and grow Vincent in biblical knowledge and understanding. 

Vincent has been blessed to combine his love for outdoor adventure, his passion for teaching and one on one discipleship in many different wilderness ministry contexts.